April 2010

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard that Vail, the much anticipated follow up to Microsoft’s Windows Home Server, has been released to the public for Beta testing. As with anything Beta there is always the potential for bugs and instability, so it is generally not recommended to test out […]

Dave and the usual Home Server Show crew have a huge 1 hour 45 minute long show that indeed lives up to it’s name of “Vail Extravaganza”, and I was invited to participate in the discussion along with fellow MVP and UsingWindowsHomeServer.com front-man Andrew Edney. We cover a lot of topics ranging from the weeks […]

Now that Windows Home Server Codename “Vail” has been released to public beta, I’m sure there are several of you that would like to install the beta operating system onto the MediaSmart Server that you already own. While it is possible to install and run Vail on any MediaSmart Server, be aware that each model […]

In my last post I walked you through installing Vail using VMWare Workstation. This time; we are going to use the free version of VMWare Server. The same rules apply as to VMWare Workstation so I’ll recap what I previously posted. Before you continue with the guides you need to ensure your PC can support […]

With the release of the much anticipated Public Beta of Windows Home Server Codename “Vail”, many of you will be wanting to try out the new features but may not have access to suitable hardware. However, if you have a 64 bit PC running a 64 bit OS then you can probably install Virtualisation software […]

Now that Microsoft has released the Public Beta of Windows Home Server Vail, I’m sure many of you are anxious to download the files and get started on installing your own test server. We’ve got guides for installing Vail on the MediaSmart Server, but if you’re performing your own install to a Virtual Machine or […]

No matter what type of server you are installing, I’ve found that having the Windows Home Server Vail Install DVD image on a USB flash key to be the easiest way to perform the installation. Most notably my HP MediaSmart Server EX475 does not recognize the only external DVD drive I own, which is an […]

Now that Microsoft has announced the availability of the public beta of Windows Home Server Codename Vail, I wanted to share an overview to benefit both those of you that will be installing the Beta as well as those that don’t plan to install the Beta but are curious about what Vail delivers. Remember that […]

The following is a guest article contributed by forum member Jason aka “jmpage2″, a Windows Home Server and Apple enthusiast. Thank you, Jason, for sharing this article with the community! As one of those forum members who rushed out and bought the new Apple iPad on day one, I’ve been eager to see how much […]

A few weeks ago I highlighted an excellent program called Another EAC3To GUI. AEAC allows you to convert your Blu Ray/HD DVDs into an mkv with full support for HD Audio, FLAC, and forced subtitles, all with the convenience of a few clicks of  the mouse. AEAC also allows you to edit the eac3to commands […]