March 2010

The following is a guest article written by forum member Dan “Nomad” Muzenjak. Thank you, Dan, for sharing your hard work with us. Purpose: This article is a culmination of the work of many on this and other web sites. The sole purpose is to clearly define and outline the steps necessary to modify your […]

We receive numerous posts in the Forums relating to Remote Access and Firewall Settings for Windows Home Server, often due to the UPnP features in Routers not being of a consistent standard. We’ve been encouraging users to post details of their experiences with different Routers. So if you haven’t updated this post and your Router […]

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Building a Mini-ITX HTPC

by Damian on March 11, 2010 · 233 comments

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Up until maybe a year ago I had never done anything more then replace the RAM out of a computer. Within the last year I have built two HTPCs and one Windows Home Server, and I have had the itch to build another PC. I decided this time around I would build a mini-itx HTPC […]

Sorry I have been MIA of late with posting content, been real busy at work and when I try to sit down at my PC at home my son makes me put on for him cartoons (his favorite to watch now is the Thomas The Tank “Hector The Horrid” episode). A few weeks ago I […]

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WHS Health Updated

by Nigel Wilks on March 10, 2010 · 10 comments

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WHS Health has had some major restructuring recently, so much so we have a new co-Author joining the team in Neil Edwards. We’ve taken the feedback from the current version, and added some new features. Version now has the following key changes:- A Logoff button has been added when viewing over HTTPS The drives […]

Today HP is announcing the the availability of a new Windows Home Server Add-In that allows TiVo owners to manage video content from their HP MediaSmart Server or DataVault. With the free HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo, customers can transfer shows from TiVo to their server and back to the Tivo, view TiVo recordings stored […]

If you are like me, visualizing information can be much more intuitive than simply reading numbers and metrics. Windows Home Server gives us pie charts to show how our server storage is allocated, HP gives us the System Status tab to show CPU/memory/network load in real-time, and Disk Management gives us wireframes of our servers […]

The 3.0 Patch 2 update we first told you about earlier this week is now starting to trickle down via the HP Software Update feature. Forum member “TechVet” was the first to post about seeing the update on his server, and I verified that my secondary server had received the update at 5:46AM MST. You […]

Yesterday I reported on the availability of the 3.0 Patch 2 software we discovered on the HP web site, and gave instructions on how to install it. Since performing the initial install I’ve spent some more time with my EX495 running the update and have encountered a couple of issues. The first was a problem […]