Video Demonstration of How to Fix Twonky Issues in 3.0 Patch 2

by Stephen Bruce on March 21, 2010

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Following the blog post on How to fix Twonky Issues in 3.0 Patch 2, Tim Daleo from Using Windows Home Server contacted Alex for some more details as he was suffering from the issue.

In a unique collaboration between three Windows Home Server web sites, Alex Kuretz of talked Tim through how to troubleshoot and resolve the issues introduced by HP’s latest update to the 3.0 Software. With support from Diehard from the Home Server Show they used Skype and Remote Assistance to demonstrate what was required.

Tim recorded the session, and a three part video is available on Using Windows Home Server so that other users can troubleshoot and resolve the issues with Twonky v5.1.1 which was included with the HP 3.0 software.

The videos are detailed and informative and show the actual impact on a running server with the issues, the troubleshooting procedure, corrective action required and in the end a fully functional server. The videos also demonstrate the usefulness of using tools such as Remote Assistance to assist in problem resolution

Here is the original Guide Alex wrote on “How To Fix Twonky Issues in 3.0 Patch 2” but I believe the 3 part video compliments his guide extremely well.

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