Media Browser Minor Update – Version 2.2.3 (codename: pegasus)

by Damian on March 11, 2010 · 2 comments

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Sorry I have been MIA of late with posting content, been real busy at work and when I try to sit down at my PC at home my son makes me put on for him cartoons (his favorite to watch now is the Thomas The Tank “Hector The Horrid” episode). A few weeks ago I mentioned that a new version of Media Browser (codename: Thunder Blade) had been released. I still have planned a full writeup on the latest release, but I thought it worth mentioning that a maintenance release for Media Browser (codename: pegasus) has just been made available for download.


  • The image cache subsystem was re-written, now when you launch in to poster view the images show up right away.
  • When filtering by genre icons were stretched
  • Configurator crashed on startup in Vista and related
  • Stopping a DVD did not return to previous screen on Windows 7
  • Online backdrops were taking precedence (and downloading)
  • ImagesByName broken with SQLite
  • Add “Auto-Enter” option to Configurator
  • Highlight Unwatched Items (Checkmarks still showing up)
  • Parental Controls: No way to delete folder security rating.
  • Latest version of plugin doesn’t show on first item in list
  • Keep “add plugin” window open until pressing done
  • Internet Providers: Local metadata should take precedence
  • Crashing During playback
  • Configurator doesn’t launch after install

If you are using the experimental sqlite data store, you will need to delete it before upgrading. Delete the file C:\ProgramData\MediaBrowser\Cache\cache.db. Some schema changes were made that are not backwards compatible.

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Alex Kuretz March 11, 2010 at 8:45 am

We had suspicions that Thunder Blade was put out a bit too early, looks like this is the case.

I have to admit some frustration with losing my “Watched” status pretty much every time I’ve upgraded, it’s not a feature I used a lot but now that I have it I have been relying on it. I suppose that’s what i get for using an experimental feature.

Damian March 11, 2010 at 9:18 am

Agreed. I am actually very happy they went ahead with this update. Normally the release only occurs once every 3 months, but I guess there have been enough reported issues (as we have noted) to warrant an interim release.

As far as the watched status, I think you could actually have that set up on your WHS as a central watched status (as I had set up), and you would not lose with each upgrade.

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