February 2010

Today we are releasing an update to one of our Add-Ins, WHS Health (v1.0.0.10). Following feedback we have added an icon to the home page to give an at a glance status of the server health (in the same way you see in your system tray on your desktop). We’ve also reworked the console page […]

Wix or Windows Installer XML is an Open Source toolset used to create Windows Installer (or MSI) packages, including many of the current Windows Home Server Add-Ins. I’m going to be sharing some of my experiences with Wix and the relevant code snippets to try and make it easier for any of you budding developers. […]

I just received an email a few minutes ago regarding a partnership between Eyecon and Popcorn Hour(actually thought it was spam but just verified it is in fact legit). Here is an excerpt: “Eyecon is partnering with PCH to introduce EyeconTroller for Popcorn Hour media players. EyeconTroller provides mobile control of your personal media experience. […]

Forum member “phil” has let us know that TwonkyMedia have resolved an issue with TwonkyMedia Server 5.1.2 that many of you have commented on in the forums concerning high CPU utilisation. TwonkyMedia suggest a patch was delivered to HP in December so we could expect that patch in “early March”. Rick over at the TwonkyMedia […]

Forum member nippyjun has alerted us that HP has released an update to the free iStream application for Apple iPod Touch and iPhone devices. The update focuses on a few new features including support for Spanish and Japanese languages and also an array of bug fixes, which should hopefully resolve the slow response issues many […]

Review: Popcorn Hour A-200

by Damian on February 4, 2010 · 212 comments

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Nearly a month ago I posted that Syabas had just announced the Popcorn Hour A-200. Since I obviously don’t have enough gadgets (I justify that I do it for our readers!), I decided to order one, which showed up at my door a few days ago. To be honest, I already felt like I had […]

About a month ago MakeMKV released version 1.4.10 which finally brought HD audio into the mix. For those who don’t know, MakeMKV is a great little program that will decrypt your DVD (no additional software such as AnyDVD is required), allow you to pick and choose what parts of the DVD you want to keep, and […]

If you have been following along with my last few posts (The Family IT Guy and Setting Up MPC) the main goal that I was working towards was to finally set up bitstreaming of HD Audio (DTS-MA and TrueHD) with my HTPC. Leading up to the last few months this was only possible by using an […]

Each year Engadget runs an awards event where they ask readers to vote on the best technology products from the previous year. This year the HP MediaSmart Server has been nominated in the “Home Entertainment Device of the Year” category in the 2009 Engadget Awards, and is currently running in a distant but solid 2nd […]