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by Nigel Wilks on February 5, 2010 · 1 comment

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Forum member nippyjun has alerted us that HP has released an update to the free iStream application for Apple iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

The update focuses on a few new features including support for Spanish and Japanese languages and also an array of bug fixes, which should hopefully resolve the slow response issues many of you commented on previously.

iStream 2.0.50 Changes and New features:

Performance improvements:
A more responsive user interface when starting large videos, improved music streaming, and faster browsing through the lists of items on the server.

New languages:
- Spanish
- Japanese

Music + Videos + Photos:
- Search: Search for an item by name within any list under Music, Videos or Photos. Click the search button (magnifying glass in the lower left area) and type the characters contained in the item you’re looking for.

- Send up photos via email.
 Instructions: Under Photos, go to a list view or view an individual photo. Then click on the action button (circle with arrow) on the lower left. Select the action sheet menu item “Send Photo”.
 Limitations: up to 5 photo attachments per email; the size of the photo attachments has to be less than 9 MB. The attached photos will be resized to 1024 pixel for the longest side if they are bigger than that.
 Requirements: Email account needs to be setup on the device.

- Cover flow mode when viewing a list of albums or playing a song; to activate turn device into landscape mode.

- Video playback issues with iPhone OS 3.0 or higher were fixed; video playback performance has been improved.

- Video playback is not allowed when connected via cellular networks to reduce bandwidth requirements; Video playback over Wi-Fi is still allowed.

- Videos are filtered to show only videos converted with mq[2] or Mobile[3] Video Converter profile.

[2] = if connected to a HP MediaSmart Servers running software version 2.5
[3] = if connected to a HP MediaSmart Servers running software version 3.0

For those of you that have disabled Twonky on your MediaSmart; I’m afraid it’s a core requirement for the app to function.

Unfortunately the option to stream video over the mobile network has now been removed meaning you can only use Wi-Fi. I don’t personally see that as too much of an issue, do you?

In brief initial testing, both Alex and I found the update to provide useful improvements that make the iStream app more usable than previous versions. The coverflow feature for Music is a nice addition and works well, at least over wifi, and the video experience does seem to be a bit faster and more usable than the initial release.

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Austin February 7, 2010 at 8:41 pm

So I have to encode all of my videos (again) for the mobile app?

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