February 2010

Dave and crew have released episode 78 of the Home Server Show, and I was invited to make a guest appearance to discuss the HP 3.0 Software Update for the MediaSmart Server. Be sure to give them a listen for their take on the latest Home Server News and Add-Ins.

I was doing my usual morning read of some blogs I follow when I came across a post over at Multimedia-PCs that I thought was interesting. I do a lot of switching back and forth between Windows 7 Media Center, XBMC, and Boxee which can be a PITA since I can’t do this easily using […]

A few weeks ago I put together Part I of my guide on how to set up Bitstreaming with your Windows 7 HTPC  . Part I focused on using Media Player Classic, so Part II will focus on setting up bitstreaming using WMP12/W7MC. This gets a little tricky, so you will see why after reading this guide my […]

If you are the proud owner of an earlier model of the HP MediaSmart Server such as the EX470/EX475/EX485/EX487, you’ve probably been reading the reviews and watching with a little bit of envy the new features available to owners of the more recent EX490 and EX495. A while ago, HP promised the community an update […]

HP has sent along the message that many of you have been anxious to hear for quite some time now: the 3.0 software update for the EX470/EX475/EX485/EX487 servers will be available later this week and will start shipping next week. I’ve had copies of the upgrade DVD’s for about two weeks now and have performed […]

Just a couple of hours ago one of my favorite add ins for Windows Media Center, Media Browser, just released their next version codenamed Thunder Blade. I have only had a few minutes to test it out so I can’t write much yet, but be on the lookout for my writeup in the next few […]

Sam Wood has written to let me know about the release of version 1.1 of his very popular Disk Management for Windows Home Server Add-In. The new version has been significantly overhauled with an updated interface, better performance, and a number of new features which are listed below in the official announcement. You can download […]

HP is announcing the addition of the KeepVault Online Backup services to their list of recommended applications for use with the MediaSmart Server. This is not an Add-In developed by HP, but rather appears to be a partnership with KeepVault that offers a discount to owners of the HP MediaSmart Server. I’ve got an open […]

Matt Fischer aka “tadowguy” in the forums has written to let me know about an updated version of his popular WebLogs Add-In for Windows Home Server. The Add-In has been updated to version and includes several bug fixes. Most importantly this resolves a console crash that would occur if the user had modified the […]

I recently received an email from Amazon Web Services notifying me of a new file versioning feature that allows you to store and retrieve older versions of the files that you upload to your S3 buckets. The feature is enabled on a per-bucket basis, and supports a MFA delete capability which requires additional authentication to […]