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by Nigel Wilks on November 25, 2009

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Release Documentation for Windows Home Server Power Pack 3

Following yesterdays release of Power Pack 3, Microsoft have also refreshed the Release Documentation for Windows Home Server. These are generally good reference documents that cover specific details about the “good, the bad and the ugly”.

Looking at the “good”, as well as some of the new features we posted about previously we have a slew of Enhancements (i.e. fixes), some of which have been happening to you for some time such as restores stalling at xx% and some we have reported about previously, such as the Temp folders excluded from backups.

And finally, “the bad and the ugly” shows us we have a couple of known issues, the main one (but not a new one) is “When installing the Windows Home Server Connector software on a home computer running Windows 7, you may receive a Bad Password error even if you type the correct password”, which they indentify as being caused by mismatched system times between the Home Computer and the Home Server.

Did you have any outstanding issues with Windows Home Server Power Pack 2 and below, did the new Power Pack 3 update resolve them?

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