Subsonic 3.8.beta1 Released

by Damian on October 8, 2009

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SubsonicLogoSubsonic, one of my favorite apps for streaming music from my WHS over the Internet, has just announced the latest beta release, version 3.8.beta1 (thanks to forum member BullHead for pointing this out). You can download the latest beta release here as well as the latest stable release which is version 3.7. For information on setting up Subsonic on your WHS, has put together an excellent step-by-step guide. Also, feel free to stop by this thread started on to discuss further. Here is a screenshot of Subsonic running on my PC at work:

Subsonic Display


  • New: Implemented Subsonic client for Android phones.
  • New: Added chat.
  • New: Added REST API for third party applications.
  • New: Support playlist repeat in web player.
  • New: Jukebox now support WAV format (including FLAC > WAV transcoding).
  • New: Updated to submission protocol version 1.2.1, with support for “Now playing”.
  • New: Updated Dutch translation, courtesy of Sander van der Grind and Jeremy Terpstra.
  • New: Updated Slovenian translation, courtesy of Andrej Žižmond
  • New: Improved French translation, courtesy of Raphaël Boulcourt.
  • New: Improved German translation, courtesy of 3R3.
  • New: Added Finnish translation, courtesy of Reijo Jäärni
  • Bugfix: Subsonic server doesn’t require an internet connection during startup.
  • Bugfix: Avoid problems when upgrading stand-alone version.
  • Bugfix: Repeat now works properly in jukebox mode.
  • Bugfix: Looks nicer in Chrome.
  • Bugfix: Usernames can now contain white spaces and international characters.
  • Bugfix: Allow alternate date format in Podcast episodes.
  • Bugfix: Fixed broken Discogs image search.
  • Security: IP addresses are no longer displayed in the log or the status view.

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