October 2009

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Review: Myka 250

by Damian on October 28, 2009 · 16 comments

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A few weeks ago the folks over at Myka.tv sent me a review unit of their Media Player called the Myka for review (you can view the unboxing here). The Myka runs on the Sigma 8635 which is the same chip used in players such as the Popcorn Hour A-110. Since I own an A-110, I […]

I was contacted a couple of months ago by an editor from the German computer magazine c’t, and asked if several of the Add-Ins published on this site by myself and Nigel “Cougar” Wilks could be distributed on CD with an upcoming issue of the magazine. Nigel and I of course gave our blessing to […]

Home Server enthusiasts with storage needs that exceed the built-in 4 drive capacity of the MediaSmart Server have welcomed the recent release of the EX490, EX495 and the X510 DataVault that brings the return of port multiplier support to the eSATA connection. This allows the user to connect an external eSATA storage enclosure with up […]

With only one day left until MyMovies 3 is available to the general public, I had the opportunity to give the final version a test run over the past few days. For those who don’t know My Moviesfor Microsoft Media Center 2005, Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7  gives you the ability to index your movies with […]

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Netflix/InternetTV Come To 7MC

by Damian on October 20, 2009 · 16 comments

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Looks like Microsoft is gearing up for the official Windows 7 release on October 22. I just happened to be browsing Windows Media Center in Windows 7 this morning getting some screenshots together for my upcoming MyMovies 3 writeup when I noticed two new icons had made their appearance, Netflix and InternetTV!   Since I […]

Gizmodo is reporting that the HP LX197 and EX490 will be released in Australia on October 22. Pricing will be at AU$ 599 and AU$ 899 respectively which seems a little steep considering you can get the EX490 in the U.S for under $550 (based on current exchange rates should translate to approx AU$ 600). No […]

Terry Walsh over at WeGotServed received an announcement from HP stating that the EX490 will be available October 15th for £429. He indicates that the EX495 will not be available for reasons unknown, which I’m sure will upset many of you that were looking forward to upgrading your EX470 or EX475 to the new dual-core […]

We’ve seen a number of issues pop up in the 3.0 software since the launch of the EX490, EX495, and X510 Data Vaults. It appears HP is aware of the issues and already has the first patch out to address “critical defects in the Home Server Console, HP Media Collector, and other critical defects.” The […]

I am always on the lookout for media players to add to my Digital Home setup (whether I actually need them or not could be up for debate!). In June I came across an interesting media player called Myka. There appears to have been some bumps in the road that caused delays in the product […]

One of the motivations of storing your movie/TV collection on your WHS is to play back on a TV with a snazzy looking UI that says WOW. There are many different media center programs out there that can help you achieve this, but the one underlying piece of data that is needed regardless of the […]