August 2009

One of my favorite tools that I use to manage my Blu Ray/HD DVD collection is a little program called Clown_BD. Clown_BD will enable you to extract (on the fly) the main movie and language streams of your choice, resulting in either transport streams (for Media Jukebox), an ISO image (for PowerDVD) or even a […]

There is no denying that the MediaSmart Server is one attractive piece of home computer equipment. Some people love the hardware, but would rather run another operating system besides Windows Home Server. We’ve seen a few users install Server 2003, a few more have tried Server 2008, but the largest and most active group have […]

Back in December of 2008 we first heard from HP that they had plans to introduce an Out of Warranty service option that would provide a way for MediaSmart Server customers to get factory service for failed or damaged Servers even after the warranty period had expired. There hasn’t been any further updates on when […]

Ever since the Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player came out, I’ve been very tempted by it due to the large number of formats supported, small attractive form factor, and very appealing price. However the lack of network support was a deal breaker for me, since all my content is stored on my Home […]

   Odds are if you are a WHS user you have more then one computer in your household, most likely running a variant of Windows (XP or Vista). In my case I have four PCs in my house comprised of two HTPCs and two desktop PCs, all running Vista. Back when having one PC in the house was the […]

I’m pleased to announce that long-time forum member and media streaming guru Damian “dbone1026″ Perez will be joining me as a contributing editor to the blog. Damian is well known to the members here primarily as one of the main sources of knowledge and help in the Media Streaming forum, especially for his excellent Media […]

Nick of was kind enough to drop me a line and let me know he has released a new version of his popular AutoExit for Windows Home Server Add-In. AutoExit allows you to put your client PCs sleep as well as wake them via Wake On Lan, plus a whole slew of additional features. […]

HP has been pretty quiet since they announced a future software update for the EX470/EX475 first generation servers and European availability of the MediaSmart Server. We did get the promised Online Backup and Mac Backup features to enhance the functionality of the EX470 and EX475, and the LX195 was released around the same time, which […]