August 2009

Ever since the dawn of man there has been one question that has challenged even the greatest of thinkers. It has nothing to do with the big bang theory or the meaning of life. Instead, the question revolves around digital media players, or more importantly, when will humanity get a media player to rule them all? What form will this […]

In my quest to create the perfect Server/Client environment for my digital media in my house I stumbled across a company called SageTV last year. SageTV had created a Media Center software that would serve as the hub for all your digital content. SageTV Media Center is the first PVR/media center solution designed for both PCs […]

The Obligatory Disclaimer I have to note that while this process worked for me, it is not a supported upgrade process from either Microsoft or HP. If you try this, you do so at your own risk. The Premise It wasn’t long after the EX485/EX487 HP MediaSmart Servers were announced back in December that users […]

LogMeIn Getting A Facelift

by Damian on August 27, 2009 · 18 comments

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One of my favorite products that I use almost every day is a software suite known as LogMeIn. For anyone who has never heard of this product, LogMeIn is a leading provider of on-demand, remote-connectivity and support solutions to small businesses, IT service providers and consumers. LogMeIn’s software-as-a-service suite of solutions includes capabilities for on-demand […]

New forum member “ricks” has dropped word that is offering the EX485 for $419 with free shipping, after $150 instant rebate and $30 of $150 with coupon code “SV2132″. Also, I’ve gotten word that this coupon code does seem to work with the HP Employee Purchase Program (EPP), so if your company participates in […]

Member hlkc over on AVSForum has just announced that the pre-release of the much anticipated My Movies 3 will be available to a select few beta users on 1-Sep, with the general public getting access on 22-Oct (same release date as Windows 7). For those not familiar, My Movies for Microsoft Media Center 2005, Microsoft Windows Vista […]

Popcorn Hour has just announced that their new NMT (networked media tank), the C-200, will be available for preorder directly from their website  starting on Friday, August 27th at 12:00 A.M. PST. The first batch is expected to ship on or around September 3rd and is expected to price at USD 299.00. There is no indication […]

Forum member “cakalapati” makes and sells the MediaSmart Server VGA/PS2/Serial debug cables (that also work on the Acer easyStore). Now he’s working on an idea for a new hardware modification for Home Servers, and he wants your input on how to make it meet your needs. More and more people are building their own WHS […]

As a WHS user, I am always looking for ways to be as efficient as possible with the amount of hard disk drive space I use. I came across a few posts online that discussed the difference between .mkv, .ts, .m2ts (the three most commonly used containers for HD content). Which one of these three […]

The MediaSmart Server is generally recognized as being quite reliable, with only occasional reports of hardware failures being reported in the forums. Of these few reported cases, the most common failure I’ve seen mentioned in the forums has been the power supply. Unfortunately this power supply is not an easily user replaceable part, with no […]