April 2009

Forum member “ern” has let us know that the recently announced iStream iPhone application is now available for download from iTunes. This feature allows you to stream to your iPhone content that is stored on your HP MediaSmart Server EX485 and EX487. Ern does lament that HP has released the application to the UK iTunes […]

In the 8 months or so since I originally released the Windows Home Server Backup DataBase-Backup (BDBB) Add-In there’s been 16 pages of forum discussion and thousands of downloads of the add-in. We’ve since learned that it’s necessary to also back up and restore the Client PC registry keys so that the backups are properly […]

One of the great community topics we’ve had going in the forums for quite a while is the “Show Off Your Server” topic, where members share pictures of their home servers, networking closets, and home theater setups. In the past couple of weeks we have had two forum members sharing their MediaSmart Servers and the […]

Forum member and moderator of the MediaSmartServer.net forums Nigel “Cougar” Wilks has released his first Windows Home Server Add-In. Fireplay for Windows Home Server is an automation of the manual steps Nigel documented in the Wiki and allows the user to remotely stream over the internet all the music stored on their server. FirePlay is […]

Spanish language site Gizmologia.com has more pictures and details on the leaked LX195 MediaSmart Server that we first reported about a couple of weeks ago. The LX190 designation may indicate that there are multiple SKU’s of this product since our blurry pictures indicated an LX195 model designation. Their screen shots show 4 USB ports, an […]

Today HP is announcing the upcoming release of a Software Update to the Windows Home Server powered EX485 and EX487 MediaSmart Server. The primary new features delivered in the 2.5 release are a Remote Video Streaming capability, a video conversion utility, and the HP iStream iPhone Application for remote media access. The update will also […]

Forum member Charles “cakalapati” has been selling his debug cables for the MediaSmart Server for 11 months with many satisfied customers. These cables connect to the onboard debug connector of the MediaSmart Server motherboard and allow VGA, PS2, and serial connectivity for troubleshooting problems with the home server. Today Charles has announced the 2nd generation […]

The MediaSmartServer.net site (as well as the handful of other sites I host for various friends and family) runs on a Linux server hosted in a data center (powered largely by windmills in Wyoming!). In order to safely back up all the important information collected on this site, such as the helpful and informative Wiki […]

The Windows Home Server team has announced that we have two new MVPs joining the ranks. Alexander Köplinger (Germany) is a contributor on http://www.home-server-blog.de and author of OnTheFlyUnzipper Add-in Jim Clark is a frequent contributor on http://wegotserved.co.uk Congratulations to both Jim and Alexander!

HP has granted me the exclusive rights to announce the upcoming release of their newest offering to the MediaSmart Server series of Windows Home Server systems. The GX3297 features bays for an astounding 32 internal hard drives, with an equal number of USB ports for external connectivity should the internal 64TB (using currently available 2GB […]