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by Alex Kuretz on April 27, 2009 · 29 comments

in MediaSmartServer.net

There has been much discussion about the recent 2.5 Software Update for the EX48x MediaSmart Servers, with the overwhelming majority of the discussion coming from unhappy 1st generation EX47x MediaSmart Server owners who are disappointed that they will not be receiving the new features. In response to this feedback, on Friday April 24th HP sent a statement to WeGotServed and the HP-backed MediaSmartHome. Unfortunately I was not provided this Statement to share with you, the many HP customers that call MediaSmartServer.net their “Home Server Home”, even though I had passed along to HP the unhappy sentiment being expressed here in the blog comments and forum posts.

In case you’ve not read the HP statement on one of the two sites above, please read it here and then let’s take a look at the points made by HP in the statement, and see how accurate they really are.

We have been following the reaction to our 2.5 software update and understand that consumers who purchased the first generation MediaSmart EX 470/475 are eager to receive some of the features available to the new second generation MediaSmart Server EX485/487. Consumer feedback is important to us and is taken into account and prioritized relative to our ongoing product development priorities. We have thus far released three updates to the first generation MediaSmart Server EX470/475. These updates delivered feature enhancements as well as new capabilities such as Packet Video media streaming. And, we have a fourth software update scheduled for release next month that will provide Amazon S3 backup and Mac Time Machine capability.

There are limits, however, to what features we’re able to provide to each generational platform. In addition to hardware differences, the underlying software architecture changed significantly between generations.

We sincerely appreciate the continued interest in the MediaSmart Server and will continue to listen to customer feedback and requested future features.

HP states that Consumer Feedback is important, yet they have no way for you the end user to submit bug reports or feedback unless you want to call their support team and spend hours on hold being passed from department to department (if you do end up calling HP Support, here is the magic incantation needed to get to the right support team more quickly).

Now lets take a look at the history of the three updates HP claims to have delivered to EX470 and EX475 owners. The first update was released in January 2008, with the wholly underwhelming features of a service monitor bug fix and a documentation update.

In March we saw a client software update that was supposed to make the Media Aggregator work better and included more documentation updates.

Next, in May we saw the short-lived 1.2 Software Update which was immediately pulled due to bugs.

In July the 1.3 update came along, however HP had to follow up with Installation Guidelines since people’s servers were having terrible performance issues after installing the included PacketVideo and McAfee Add-Ins.

The most recent release was the 1.3-R1 software update in January 2009. This release provided a signed certificate for your home server (something Microsoft had provided many months earlier), fixed the bug with poor image quality in the Webshare, and took away the system temperature monitor.

While we don’t have an official announcement yet on the upcoming 4th (6th by my count!) release for the EX470 and EX475, HP has promised to deliver the Amazon S3 Online backup and Mac Time Machine features. This combined with the above listed updates still leaves us a pretty far cry from the EX485 and EX487 with the 2.5 Software Update. But what could be so different between the two server generations that would prohibit HP from providing the full 2.5 feature set on the 1st generation servers?

The limitations, according to HP, are both hardware and software related. The first hardware change is a CPU upgrade from the AMD Sempron 3400+ to an Intel Celeron 440. David McCabe speaks of this difference in his recent podcast 41 for the HomeServerShow, and provides a link to an excellent resource for comparing these processors at cpubenchmark.net. The Sempron scores 435 in Passmark for a rank of 550, while the Celeron scores 604 in Passmark for a rank of 485. I’m not very familiar with the Passmark tests, but from a raw percentage comparison the Celeron appears to be significantly faster than the Sempron. But is this truly import to the functionality of the server, or will it just take longer for the Video Converter to accomplish its task of converting videos to the MP4 format?

The second major hardware change is the increase in shipping RAM from 512MB in the 1st generation server to 2GB in the 2nd generation server. In my opinion, this is the more significant hardware limitation and the real reason HP is unwilling to provide the 2.5 update to EX470 owners, especially given the difficulties experienced with the 1.3 release where just the installation of Packet Video and McAfee was bringing a server to its knees. The flaw in this reasoning is that HP has allowed users to upgrade the memory in their EX470 without voiding the warranty, and the update could easily be delivered with the majority of new functionality disabled so that users could selectively activate the features they want, taking into account the available memory in their server.

HP cites the underlying software architecture as another major inhibitor to providing the 2.5 update for the 1st generation server. Given that Cougar is in the middle making the 2.5 update work on his EX470, we’re able to share exactly what these underlying architecture changes include.

  • Java updated from 1.4 to 1.6
  • Apache Tomcat installed
  • ImageMagick library installed

All other changes are in HP code. Delivering these prerequisites would increase the size of the update to be downloaded, however Nigel and I have seen no other technology inhibitor. To quote Nigel in response to the HP Statement:

Considering where I am now with this project; that article is IMHO a pack of lies. The hardware is fine to run the software, maybe the Transcoder isn’t so good on 512MB but I hardly see that’s something they couldn’t take out of a release easily enough. The rest of the software is running fine, and my server inst struggling at all. They mention software architecture changes, sure, there are some open source installs delivered with encore we don’t have with the San Juan box but that’s not exactly hard to deal with in an installer. The only area they would need to change is the HPServerMonitor services. These are written for the Encore hardware, but I’m sure it’s a very quick job to port over.

I was disappointed with HP’s stance on the 1st Generation boxes, that statement just makes me feel even more jaded.

Finally, HP says that they “sincerely appreciate the continued interest in the MediaSmart Server”, however the impression is being given that HP sincerely appreciates customers buying new MediaSmart Servers every 12-18 months. From our perspective, the 1st generation hardware copes fine with the majority of the features in the 2.5 update, and this is HP’s attempt to try and get people to upgrade. Why would you? The way they have positioned the 1st generation server, the 2nd generation Encore has 1 year of life left in it. Microsoft has the right model, every update to Windows Home Server is delivered to existing customers so all can benefit from improvements to the feature set.

My idea for HP is to take a couple of months to get a 1.5 update available for the 1st generation MediaSmart Server. Include the updated Twonky media server, update the HP Server Tab user interface, and support the iStream application. The Video Converter is disabled by default, and users that are willing to accept the slow conversion times or have hardware upgrades can utilize this feature.

Regardless of what HP does for you EX470 and EX475 owners, Nigel, myself, and I’m sure many others will be working hard to get you the instructions needed to install the 2.5 update on your 1st generation servers yourself.

We stood by HP and Microsoft through the Drive Extender Corruption bug, through failed software updates, and we’ve largely cheered for this product the entire time because we believe in its usefulness and value in our homes. What do you think? Has HP done enough for the 1st generation server owners, or should they be supporting this product more?

Update: HP has issued another statement committing to provide an upgrade solution for all MediaSmart Server owners, as well as making them available to European markets.

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I'm Alex Kuretz, and I'm the founder of MediaSmartServer.net. I was the Lead Test and Integration Engineer at HP for the MediaSmart Server until April 2008 when I moved on to other opportunities outside HP. I've kept active in the Windows Home Server community, creating several add-ins and helping users make the most of their Home Servers.


Paul April 27, 2009 at 1:43 am

Alex, very well said.
HP as a hardware manufacture are simply trying to force users to upgrade.
I look forward to everyones efforts in getting the update working on the 47#.
I for one am sticking two fingers up to HP and will be updating my dated HP server (6months old HP!!!!) when the nect incarnation of WHS comes along from MS with another manufacturer.
If the updates comes along in say 2months time as far as I’m concerned its too little too late.


Cougar April 27, 2009 at 4:40 am

I agree Alex. I still think the MSS is one of the best WHS devices around so I’m pretty disappointed with HP’s current response and can only hope they do indeed listen to customer feedback.

Like many of the community, I don’t intend changing the server until it keels over, just to get new software, especially when realistically HP could provide this to all users anyway regardless of that weak marketing response.

What amazes me more is that they have started to ignore this site and it’s community, which quite frankly offers more help, advice and news than their own half hearted attempt (incidently run and managed by a third party anyway). Surely they should be taking a common sense approach that a community site like this is actually helping them reduce support costs, and promoting the product, and it costs them nothing.

Some advice to HP; there are some new devices coming through which look like they could compete quite well with the MSS. Listen to your market talking, before they shop elsewhere.

JohnBick April 27, 2009 at 6:32 am

I believe the “2.5″ features should be offered to the EX470 owners. Unlike Cougar, I believe the MSS units are THE BEST WHS devices around and, like many EX47x owners, I have been promoting the unit daily. It was a tough when the “data corruption bug” in WHS made for a slow start, but that was not an HP issue. This is, however, an HP self-induced problem and HP needs to address it before dissatisfied users start to badmouth the MSS more publicly.

The competition is getting better and it won’t be long before a VERY competitive unit is out there. HP will need supporters when that happens. Right not they’re loosing them. HP needs to listen to the market — and this site is by far the most MSS-oriented one out there.

DamianP April 27, 2009 at 6:58 am

I have been a happy MSS EX470 user for almost a year. I’ve been going back and forth about moving to another DIY solution (not MSS’ fault per se) but have been sitting on my hands for now. That being said, if HP wants to neglect the “early adopters” and expect users to upgrade hardware every 12-18 months, then I will be glad to, just to a non HP solution. I think HP may think that some of the feedback from members such as this site are not reflective of the general public, just a bunch of picky techies. I do agree to some extent with this as I am sure the “average person” is not having daily discussions about ESata Port Multipliers, or are they??? That being said, most of my family/friends are not tech savvy and look to me to point them in the right direction (for better or worse I have been referred to as my brother-in-law’s own person geek squad). I am sure the same applies to many other members of forums like this. We are generally the people who will be enthusiastic about a product and recommend to people who otherwise would have never heard of it (i.e. the “average person”). What is the saying, don’t bite the hand that feeds you???

JNDassaro April 27, 2009 at 9:52 am

I was a big proponent of the HP MSS. I bought the 475 and then talked 4 friends into buying the 475 after detailing my positive experiences. However, I can no longer recommend HP and will personally look to move to a different brand.

Long story short, the 2.5 update should be released to 470/475 owners. HP’s explanation is almost insulting.

Texas-Hansen April 27, 2009 at 10:03 am

Three cheers for Alex!!!! Very well said; great article. I’m shocked that HP would issue the statement they did and issue one with so many holes in it. Maybe they didn’t send it to this forum because they knew we’d see the BS in the statement right away.

While I like my MSS, product support is extremely important to me…especially for speciality products like the MSS. One of the things I was particulary impressed with early on was that HP supported the upgrade of the memory without voiding the warranty and I read of incidents where HP honored the warranty even though it was a few weeks past the expiration. That was good support of the group that got the MSS off the ground and got me on board. Now that the MSS has gained some market share and popularity, HP seems to have taken a different path…one that foresakes its orginal loyal followers. It leaves me disappointed. The MSS is a good hardware product in itself but the continued support on software is garbage…especially with customer alienating statements like that issued by HP on Friday. As others have noted, the software guts of the MSS is WHS…a Microsoft product…not a HP product. Other hardware products will come (and have come already) to the market to compete with the MSS. This situation has made my decision for me much easier down the road when I need to replace the MSS…either I’ll build one myself or go with a different manufacturer than HP. HP…wake up. The world markets are different now and you can’t bury your head in the sand any longer and ignore the impact of customer loyality. It’s those customers that will take you through the future and if they are not there in the future, you only have yourself to blame.

Loren April 27, 2009 at 10:04 am

Some may not agree but I would not mind paying for an upgrade.
The upgrade needs to have significant new capabilities and must be reasonably priced. I think the 2.5 software has the added capabilities so if HP were to offer it to me as a seamless (i.e. no lost data) upgrade – I think I would be willing to pay up to $50 (since a new copy of MS WHS software is $99).

Chris Bridge April 27, 2009 at 10:37 am

interesting I’d complained (via HP website) the HP President and a UK-based employee rang me this morning.. said “watch this space, and keep and eye on ‘youvegotserved’ :)

Ed April 27, 2009 at 11:31 am

Great article! I am impressed with the many reasoned, thoughtful and professional comments on this issue. I have seen very few mindless rants like so many other posts in this day and age. I can tell most people sounding off on this issue are professionals. I believe it is appropriate to continue to use logical and reasoned posts on this matter and hopefully HP will come to the realization that they are being unreasonable. I to wrote the HP President and complained in what I believe was a reasoned manner. I encourage others to do the same. Following is his contact information.


Loren April 27, 2009 at 11:39 am

Send a message to Mark Hurd? LOL – I sent a message to Mark Hurd (via the HP website) asking for help on a warranty replacement keyboard. (I have been waiting one month and get empty promises from HP Customer Car. The keyboard was new and only worked one month.)
Anyway, I got a canned response from Mark Hurd saying “Thank you for taking the time to share your comments with HP.
They have been forwarded to the appropriate people within Hewlett-Packard for review and action, as needed.


CEO Customer Relations”
I have heard nothing.
Sorry, but HP has the poorest customer service/support I have ever seen.

t-bone April 27, 2009 at 12:18 pm

Apparently you have never called Sony. Love the company hate the support. The problem is that most of the support departments are run by 3rd party vendors. I think a decent and acceptable price point for HP would be like 20-25 for the download. maybe 15 if they want to have multiple downloads in the future. 15 a download would be more in line of what apple does to the iPod touch people when their update comes out. might as well think about this distrubution idea and recoup some R&D costs.

Mr G Raffe April 27, 2009 at 2:40 pm

Why IMHO- HP UK has lost our business over the MSS debacle and we will not be purchasing from them, nor giving them our lucrative business or any of our client’s money ever again.

I was a Dell private & business customer for my own growing small tech business and installed a lot of Dell kit into our clients (over £1million+VAT in < 5 yrs.) Having got so fed up with Dells cr#p customer service, dodgy system issues, lost in translation efforts at support, obvious Porky Pies and jumping through the hoops to get the support I had paid for, I left Dell Hell. I wanted to start offering MS WHS systems and HP were the 1st to release the kit, so I tried HP out, thinking I’d give them a chance at getting our growing business.

My clients are mostly start-ups, SOHO’s & SME’s, they need numerous server / network benefits but often cannot afford (or do not want) the jump to server hardware and the added expense of server O/S & associated admin etc. When MS & HP released the MSS I was over the moon, it fitted the niche perfectly (or so I thought!)

After setting up a test lab with an EX475, I handed over the idea & pitched my heart out to my clients and sold the MSS as the ideal solution.

In two months I purchased and installed 35 of the 1st Gen HP MSS 475’s with 2GB memory upgrades and installed them in a range of clients (mostly SOHO’s) and in the first year experienced the following:

First there was the obvious red faces X 35 over the well documented MS problem with the drive extender file system, (I accept this was MS’s fault) having got through that (& giving out weeks of free admin because of it X35 and taking the loss personally & professionally) we got:

Update 1-Jan 08- Useless, bug fix + documentation
Update 2- Mar 08- Useless, a basic client update + documentation
Update 3- May 08- Bl**dy hell- clients left right and centre calling reference the bugs- thanks HP, great move
Update 4- Jul 08- 1.3 update to clear up the pitiful mess of 1.2 came and I had even more calls from clients due to performance issues and numerous probs with add ins
Jan 09 -1.3 here I lost the temp monitor, had already fixed certificate error and another bug was fixed- wow

During this period any support request to HP was a nightmare, any hardware issue was a nightmare, no MSS specialists available on support, no parts available in the UK. Don’t worry HP, they are just my clients, it’s just their data and business you’re completely mucking up.

So I pause the installs, give WHS a break and agree with my anger levels to wait until the V2 MSS is released but can I get one in the UK- NO, can I trust one imported from the US after the PSU issues and the added stress of getting support in the UK-NO; can I get the 2.5 features at all (even paying for it) to placate our clients anger-NO. Does HP want to help? NO Are they going to get any more of our business NO. So there you have it, do I want to trust my clients data on a system that is not properly supported, where there are no spares, when I have had so much admin making up for their mistakes, on top of this they can’t be bothered to offer me the chance of even purchasing the new version in the UK anyway and finally where they will not give me the features in 2.5 as an original 1st Gen purchaser and shining light for the HP MSS- HP says that they “sincerely appreciate the continued interest in the Media Smart Server” bull sheet , we currently have over 50 WHS installs to do in the next two months, can we even get a 470 or 475? NO so….

FORGET IT HP, too late, too slow, too much hassle. You have shafted us and our clients proper- Disappointed doesn’t cover it, massively let down doesn’t cover it. Yes HP is following Dell but not in sales, only in attitude and aggravation as far as we are concerned, so HP can follow dell into the our dungeon of doom in our books; I am sick of big business pi55ing on our bonfire when all we are doing is trying to make a living.

In summary -To all you prospective purchasers-, the added features of the MSS over the now increasingly available alternatives are not remotely near good enough for all the hassle, the wait or the increased cost- add to this the insulting attitude towards 1st Gen adopters and all I can say is HP can go and whistle for all we care-, we are going to use a customer friendly company now- who say what they will do & do what they say. We are shopping elsewhere; I suggest you all do the same and vote with your feet. That’ll learn ‘em.

By the way HP- I know you are listening now- those 35 clients have each got at least 35 business acquaintances, all now aware of your performance and voting with their feet also.

Well said Alex, I’ll second that emotion -thanks also to Nigel & Cougar.

JohnBick April 27, 2009 at 6:39 pm

WOW, Mr G Raffe, quite a statement! And I have to say I understand where you are coming from!

What are you planning to use instead of the MSS? Mayne you could open a thread on the forums here to discuss the subject…?

COPC April 27, 2009 at 6:50 pm

Well written Alex,

I can say in today’s times, where companies are going belly up everyday support/service is important. The companies that are left standing are those that take care of their customers and have a good business plan.

HP so far after this move is loosing my business and I’m sure more. More and more companies are coming out with WHS servers and HP will start losing ground if they do not hang on to the current HP customers.

Eventually HP will tick off enough people, they will move on and the interest will be lost. Word of mouth in today’s times with the Internet can be a product/business killer.

I hope someone at HP that has decision making abilities, is listening to all of us and does not pull a circuit city/compusa/GM/chrysler/etc… move and not listen to what the market and customers want.

We have other products to choose from ya know….

Techvet April 28, 2009 at 5:19 am

Well done Alex! I have been a HP supporter for some time. With 3 laptops, 1 desktop and a MSS I am pretty heavily invested in HP. But… this debacle has soured my opinion a great deal. My MSS is humming along nicely and there are no imminent plans to replace it, but when the time comes I will be looking closely at the competition. In my opinion, HP has dropped the ball with the entire Home Server program. First it was the failure to update the MediaSmart Connect and now this with the EX47x series. The 2.5 update should have been made available to us perhaps with the caveat that future updates of this nature would be to newer platforms only. That would have at least given us some time and sense of closure. To find ourselves holding onto ‘obsolete’ hardware within year or so of purchases is just plain stupid. The sad thing is the HP knew they were doing this to us the moment the EX48x series was launched. Shame HP, Shame!!

GOOT April 28, 2009 at 6:09 am

What HP has done here by not offering HP EX47x owners the option to upgrade their software, is an unprecedented move in this industry. I can’t think of any other hardware manufactures who do not offer software upgrades to their prior generation hardware owners. Even Apple offers upgrades to their older hardware including the iPhones. The only instance of companies not offering new software to prior hardware owners are game console manufacturers. However, the reason for this is because the new consults always have significant chipset and architectural changes to the hardware. These hardware changes take YEARS to occur. I bought my HP EX470 less than a year ago! Come on HP show us some love!

Zurgdawg April 28, 2009 at 1:58 pm

Echo’d here as well – nothing more to add other than wanting to post my agreement so HP can see the community taking action.

Terry Walsh April 28, 2009 at 3:40 pm

@Chris Bridge – Other than basically winding up anyone I meet with a US or UK oriented @hp.com email address about the lack of UK availability of the EX48x series, I’m not sure why they’re saying keep an eye on us (or whoever those Youvegotserved guys are).

I’m not aware of any announcements on this right now, but I do know there are people at HP who see the opportunity and want to launch. “Want” doesn’t equal “will”, but I still have my fingers crossed.


payoda April 28, 2009 at 8:00 pm

I bought my server EX475 on 11/29/2008 by paying 450+ tax directly from HP site. What HP is doing completely unfair and they are just giving some false reasons. I feel that this is outrageous.

mogwai April 28, 2009 at 9:27 pm

I can see the community getting worked up about this but at the end of the day HP is a company that is set to do one thing: make money. While everyone wants something for nothing, they are under no obligation to provide this software to anyone else but the people that own a ex485/7. Unfair, perhaps. But innovation does cost money and it keeps people employed. Why not trying a different approach? If you were arguing why HP doesn’t make this a paid upgrade to get the latest software, I’m sure that a lot of people would pay a small monetary sum to keep people employed and get the update. That would keep the majority happy and would provide HP an incentive to produce the software for the platform.

Realistically though, does your ex470/5 do what you originally bought it to do? If so: you have no argument nor beef with HP. It’s nice for everyone to dream and hope for freebies, I personally want a big bag of money so I can buy all the toys I want! Any takers?

Terry April 28, 2009 at 10:39 pm

I get your point Mogwai and agree HP is not under an obligation to offer the update. I also believe most of the early adopters want HP to be successful and make lots of money on this product, or at least they did up to this point. That is why most of us are upset HP is being so SHORT-SIGHTED on this matter.

The suggestion to offer the update for a fee has been mentioned many times before and I believe most early adopters would be willing to pay for the upgrade. That offer hasn’t been extended but instead HP offers a lame excuse that the Ex47x machines are unable to take the upgrade. We know from numerous other posts that this is not the case for those machines that have had the HP approved RAM upgrade. Most of the early adopters have had to make the ram upgrade to their EX47x machines to make them usable. Remember I use the term early adopters but some of the EX47x owners have had their machines for only a few months.

No one is asking HP to give us something for nothing. Most of the earlier adopters have been instrumental in bringing this product to the point it is today. We have suffered through data corruption and other issues; have helped with feedback in diagnosing the issues and have also up to this point been a solid word of mouth sales force for the product. HP has received many benefits from the early adopters. I just can’t believe they are willing to throw away the Goodwill they have earned to date on this product so easily. In your words, HP shouldn’t expect to receive that continued Goodwill for nothing.

It could have been such an easy win/win for everyone.

Don April 29, 2009 at 10:14 am

As I’ve said before HP really needs to make you an offer you can’t refuse to return and lead their Media Smart Server project.

HP could be making money off EX47x customers by selling upgrades to hardware and or software but they choose to consider us water over the dam stuck with their mistakes that we were ignorent enough to trust them not to make.

HP has done nothing in the 1+ year I’ve owned my MSS to make me ever want to purchase another HP product. I soured slightly on it in the first months with hardware performance due to insufficient RAM and updated my RAM despite violating my warranty to do so. You have detailed the update history which has been rocky at best with no HP only value added features not available for any home build.

Then my Power supply failed and I got in depth instruction on how disposable HP considers my investment in the MSS. While HP did cover the repair under warenty they initially shipped a unit with a bad power supply. I had to convince them it was the used unit they shipped me not my Windows home server install that was bad. It was claer they had not run any memory tests or stres tests or even leave the used unit they shopped me on very long to see if it worked or the power supply problem would have been immediately obvious and they would not have shipped me a bad unit. The second replacement frame was good and all has been well hardware wise since.

What I learned ove the past year is that if any propritary part fails now that I’m out of warenty they will not sell me replacement parts so I can fix it. Anything they will do is prohibitively expensive makine purchase of a new unit a better alternative. They can’t be counted on to provide any useful HP only features. So what we are left with as the HP advantage is an atractive and compact piece of hardware with no useful support after the 1 year warranty is up. That is not enough for me to stay with HP for my Windows home server needs. It actually pushed me away so I want no part of HP.

I prepared for the eventual demise of my MSS by adding a hard drive to my new desktop computer and installing Windows home server on it as my backup plan for a dead MSS. I’ll probably eventually set this hardware up with virtual machines to serve as both desktop and Windows home server on one piece of hardware since both are usually on 24 7 anyway.

I would really like to stay a HP MSS enthusiast but really in the end what have you got beyond a pretty box? I’m keeping my pretty box becaue I like it but I have no loyalty to HP any more. It’s clear they are not going to support the software side of the MSS and there are security vulnerabilities in some of it that I kow HP will never fix. The only positive thing HP has ever provided that didn’t come from Microsoft or other company was the fix for the photo quality. The photo web share is still so very deficient in features for displaying the images in proper order that it isn’t very useful with more than a hand ful or two of photos in agallery. The photo web share was my reason to purchase MSS. It hasn’t panned out and HP is in my rearview mirror.

Andy April 30, 2009 at 1:17 pm

Was anyone a fan of the TV show “Jericho”? When they cancelled the show after the first season, the fans started sending peanuts to the VP at CBS (something like 40 tons total in the end). While I don’t think peanuts would work in this case, would it be smarter and gain HP’s attention if we started a mass “email the VP of Customer Service” campaign? We can whine and complain all we want on several of the WHS forums covering this topic but does anyone at HP even read these posts?

Just a thought.

DamianP April 30, 2009 at 1:18 pm

@ Andy – I think sending peanuts makes the most sense :-)

Andy April 30, 2009 at 1:35 pm

Does anyone know how many EX47x’s and EX48x’s were produced? How many of “us” are out there? I’m thinking if, for example, only 500,000 MSS’s are out in the wild then its not a big money maker for HP and they don’t have much incentive to hook us up with the new update. On the other hand, if there are 5,000,000 MSS’s out there, then that is quite a few dissatisfied customers and we have some strength in numbers. I’m also curious of how many of us are in IT for a living. I have a strange feeling that most of us on these forums are “computer geeks” (no offense intended to anyone because I’m one) that like to tinker with new “toys”.

Alex, Would it be possible to put up a poll on whether we are in IT for a living? and try to get an idea of how many EX47/48 owners are out in the world?

Terry May 5, 2009 at 10:28 am

I hear that HP will now support the 2.5 update on the 1st generation EX47x machines.


Good on you HP for listening to the feedback.

Leif Eriksen November 22, 2011 at 10:57 pm

Was this update ever released? My last server update was 1/2009. It says I have no updates available. Did HP lie?

Alex Kuretz November 23, 2011 at 7:58 am

The 2.5 update became the 3.0 update, though I believe HP is no longer making it available since they discontinued the MediaSmart Server products. More info on the update here.

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