February 2009

Forum member ScottLucky13 has posted a great tutorial on how to backup your Mac to any Windows Home Server. Owners of the EX48x MediaSmart Servers have a Mac backup feature built in, however it does not perform restorable image backups, only data backups, and requires OS X 10.5 or newer OS versions. ScottLucky13′s method uses […]

Windows Update list for February shows a new update available today for Windows Home Server. Here’s the description, unfortunately I don’t have any more info on the contents of the update and my server isn’t picking it up yet. More to follow as soon as we know something… Update for Windows Home Server (KB961030) Locale: […]

There’s been a lot of traffic to the site from new people purchasing the new EX485 and EX487 MediaSmart Servers, and along with that comes some great info how to get the best deal. HPShopping.com currently has an instant rebate of $50 on both the EX485 and EX487. There’s also been a series of coupon […]

There’s been a fair bit of discussion recently about the firmware issues with some Seagate hard drives . After some forum members noticed a different, HP-designated firmware version on the original drives from their MediaSmart Server they contacted HP support, who stated that HP engineers were investigating the issue. I followed up with HP, and […]

A former Hewlett Packard colleague, John Agosta, has contacted me to let me know that he has recently started a consulting business named Adaptable Technology Solutions with one of his focuses being Windows Home Server product development services. A bit of info on John and his experience from his website: John Agosta, CEO of Adaptable […]

Forum member and blog reader Wonko is reporting that his German MediaSmart Server has recently downloaded and installed the new HPMSS-1.3-R1 Software Update that English systems received a couple of weeks ago. We don’t expect anything different in this release, but are our French and Spanish readers also seeing the update? And are you seeing […]

Windows 7 SKUs Announced

by Alex Kuretz on February 3, 2009 · 4 comments

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I’ve received information from Microsoft announcing plans for the different SKUs that will be available for Windows 7. They are: Windows® 7 Starter, Windows® 7 Home Basic (in Emerging Markets only), Windows® 7 Home Premium, Windows® 7 Professional, Windows® 7 Enterprise and Windows® 7 Ultimate. Microsoft recommends Windows 7 Home Premium for most consumer customers […]