January 2009

I covered in good detail most of the features of the new HP MediaSmart Server EX485 and EX487 in my initial review. I’ve since had the server in pieces on my test bench, took a bunch of pictures, figured out how to unlock the BIOS, reassembled the unit, and done some investigation into the functionality […]

For those of you looking to get the EX470 or EX475 at a discounted price before the impending arrival of the new MediaSmart Servers, eCost.com has the refurbished EX475 for $435.99 which is about $40 less than the HPShopping.com deal I posted earlier. They likely also have less expensive shipping and no taxes. Thanks to […]

HP is offering the chance to win a MediaSmart Server and a $200 gift card to the HP Store each month now until March 28th, 2009. Be sure to register and let us know if you win. Thanks to Philip at MSWHS.com for the link!

HPShopping.com has refurbished units of both the EX470 and EX475 available in their Outlet Store for $379 and $459 respectively (and you can save even more if you have EPP benefits). While not quite as good of deals as we saw back in November, this is still a possible way to get into a great […]

Win a MediaSmart Server

by Alex Kuretz on January 9, 2009

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HP, Intel, and Microsoft are offering the chance to win one of 10 new MediaSmart Servers (either the EX485 or EX487, it’s not clear from the rules which model), with 2 servers being given away each day for the next 5 days. Register every day for the most chances to win. Thanks to UsingWindowsHomeServer.com for […]

Note: Please be aware that even opening the case of your MediaSmart Server will void your warranty. It is my understanding that since HP has upgraded the amount of memory in the new MediaSmart Server, the warranty exemption for the EX470/EX475 for memory upgrades does not apply to the EX485/EX487. When I first took apart […]

Some of you may be interested in trying a homebuild/DIY Home Server, or perhaps friends or family aren’t convinced about the value of the MediaSmart Server or Windows Home Server and want to try it themselves for free prior to a purchase. To support you, Microsoft has made the 120-Day evaluation version of Windows Home […]

There is a lot of news coming out of CES this year, and one of the most interesting for us is the new Windows Home Server offerings. Last week we saw the first reviews of the new MediaSmart Servers from HP, and now there are three more vendors joining in with plans to release their […]

The Windows Home Server Team Blog has announced the new MVPs for January 2009. Olaf Engelke from Germany is a regular contributor on the Windows Home Server forums Christopher Courtney aka Drashna from the WeGotServed forums Eric Rux of WHShelp.com Martin Rothschink of Germany who wrote the LightsOut Add-In Congratulations to you all!

Back in October we heard that forum member cakalapati was stopping his MediaSmart Server cable building operations, at least for a couple of months. He has recently announced that he is back in business with a new business name of VOV Technology so if you have been waiting to get a VGA cable for your […]