December 2008

When the MediaSmart Server was first released, it didn’t take long for limitations and areas of improvement to be discussed amongst the Home Server community. One of the first improvements was to upgrade the memory from the stock 512MB, usually to 2GB. More adventurous users began looking to increase horsepower through higher clocked or multi-core […]

HP has now extended the sales on the MediaSmart Server to our northern neighbors in Canada. At $412 Canadian, this works out to about $330 US and includes free shipping. This is a great price, let us know in the comments or the forums if you hop on this deal. Thanks to Bobby V for […]

Forum member Diehard, inventor of the Popcorn Hour media streamer in a server is at it again. This time he is showing us how to use a hacked PSP as a USB monitor for the MediaSmart Server. This would have been very handy recently for another forum member who accidentally disabled his LAN connection, and […]

Forum member Jacmay recently shared his new modification with us, which is a stainless steel base mounted to the bottom of the MediaSmart Server and includes several debug port connectors. The connectors work with the debug cables provided by forum member cakalapati. Jacmay describes wanting to avoid cutting any holes in the case of his […]

One side effect of the one year anniversary of the MediaSmart Server is that we are now in the time frame where our warranties are beginning to expire, especially for early adopters who purchased as soon as the MSS was available. HP provides a one year warranty on the MediaSmart Server, and a few months […]

We’ve seen more and more clues that Encore may be an upcoming reality, so if and when HP releases a new version of the MediaSmart Server, are you planning to buy it? Sound off in the forums and let us know what you think.

While the one year birthday of this site was back in late July, early adopters will remember that it was approximately one year ago this week that HP began shipping the MediaSmart Server. The first units got to customers the week of and the week after Thanksgiving. To commemorate, I thought I would recap some […]