November 2008

When you go to register your HP MediaSmart Server, there are two new options available, the EX485 and EX487. It’s not much of a leap to think that this could be further evidence of Encore getting ready for release. Thanks to new forum member MSCrzyMan for the tip!

Hot on the heels of the November Release we just saw comes an update to the Windows Home Server Toolkit. The Windows Home Server Team blog lets us know that Toolkit Version 1.1 is available for download. The Windows Home Server Toolkit is a collection of tools that help you troubleshoot issues with Windows Home […]

As Terry at WeGotServed mentioned recently, we’ve got a new update for Windows Home Server today. It looks like the release contains the fix to an issue that has been a topic of discussion in the forums recently for forum member cavediver, who was having problems copying large files to his server. Here’s an excerpt […]

It looks like the sale from I reported last week is now the sale price at These are great prices for the MediaSmart Server. Deals like this tend to appear to either be holiday sales, or perhaps stock clearance in preparation for Encore? No official word from HP on that, we’re all waiting […]

Homebrew Home Server

by Alex Kuretz on November 17, 2008

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This is a fairly old blog story, originating in February 2008, but I haven’t seen other sites talk about this particular homebrew yet. I stumbled upon this while doing some searches for an new Add-In I’m working on (I’ll talk more about that in the near future) and found it interesting how the author attempted […]

Microsoft Small Business Server MVP Kevin Royalty is offering a Live Meeting to discuss the place of Windows Home Server in a small business environment. Windows Small Business Server 2008 will not ship with any client backup software, so how will you make sure the top employees at each of your customers sites are backed […]

I saw in my inbox that has the EX470 for $399.95. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen them go for, and it’s only good until 11/13.

A couple of weeks ago, a forum discussion began on the new Boxee media center software. Forum members with Apple TVs where attempting the upgrade, with some trepidation as there are apparently some issues with creating the patch stick required for updating the software. Fortunately, Gizmodo came out with a guide that outlines all the […]

The Windows Home Server Team Blog has announced the new MVP’s for Windows Home Server. Congrats to Sam Wood and Donovan West, and thanks to the Windows Home Server Team for the recognition.