October 2008

TechRadar has a nice writeup on how to setup a media streaming network. This isn’t MediaSmart Server or Windows Home Server specific, but does provide a good basic introduction to the various options available to your digital media from your PC or server to your TV and sound system. The solution then, is not to […]

Forum member Charles “cakalapati” has been making and selling video, keyboard, mouse, and serial cables for use with the debug port on the MediaSmart Server for several months now with many very happy customers. He has recently announced that he will be suspending (indefinitely) the creation of these cables due to upcoming business trips. If […]

I’ve been using the DD-WRT firmware on my old v1.1 Linksys WRT54G router for a couple of years now. I upgraded to the DD-WRT firmware when I was frustrated with the Linksys firmware locking up the router while using BitTorrent applications due to too many stale TCP connections. This has worked great, but my needs […]

I first saw this device over on Engadget.com and read the full story (translated) from Gizmos. It’s a media streamer with some impressive capabilities, and rather good looking to boot. The translation leads me to believe it will support MPEG-2, MPEG-4, XviD and H.264, even the elusive MKV containers. With built-in Wifi, ethernet, 2 digital […]

Algae biofuel

by Alex Kuretz on October 9, 2008 · 2 comments

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Like many of us today, I’ve got a pretty strong interest in alternative energy sources. I recently received an email that contained a link to a video that I found incredibly interesting about using algae to generate biofuels for various purposes. From the email: In January 2008, at a meeting of the Engineers Club of […]

Yesterday I received an email from Microsoft announcing that I have been presented with a 2009 Microsoft MVP award for Windows Home Server! I am joining notable figures in the Windows Home Server world like Terry Walsh, Philip Churchill, Donavon West, and the other MVPs. Here’s a brief description of the program from the Microsoft […]