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by Alex Kuretz on September 21, 2008 · 3 comments


Like many people, I maintain an online photo site that contains pictures of my family, special events, and our various day-to-day activities that I share with both local and remote relatives. Of the >13K digital photos backed up by my MediaSmart Server, I’ve published 1200 (and am behind by about 6 months :( ).

I use Adobe Bridge to catalogue and quickly load all my photos into Photoshop, where I edit and resize before uploading to Gallery. I also use Synctoy to make sure all my photos are synced up to the Photo share on my MediaSmart Server.

This leads me to ask, what are the rest of you doing to organize, edit, and publish your photos? I’ve been toying with trying out ZenPhoto instead of Gallery, and trying Lightroom over Bridge and Photoshop. Care to leave me a comment or start a new discussion in the forums?

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John B September 23, 2008 at 5:02 am

Well… I am not utilizing my HP Mediacenter for photo sharing yet. My cable company is sooooooooo medievel about uploads it’s pathetic.
I handle my photos with Picasa which automatically organizes them by the date coded in to the photo by the camera. So even if I wait a month or a week to download them they are correctly placed in my local gallery. Then I use the Picasa tools to enhance them. Not very sophisticated I know but Picasa really works for me. I then share the pictures via PicasaWeb with whomever of my family cares to view them.

mike September 24, 2008 at 7:30 am

is there a thread in the forums-

I’d like to learn too what others are doing.

For now, I’m using the built in tagging from windows vista to organize stuff. Really like the way that works so you can tag something “tag x” and then just use the windows search from the start menu for “tag x” and it will pull all the pictures up.

I used picassa for a while to edit but found that to be redundant with creating it’s own tags and vista’s tags so stopped that. (I’m not a big editor anyway so I’ll wait that out i guess- laughing)

for sharing, I’m doign 2 things- i use the hp webshare for when i want to share a handfull with the general public and make an album and all that allows. But for close friends and family I have a website using whiist that they can get to with passwords. Then I have syntoy set to nightly dump my photoshare folder into that website. For now it gets the job done.

What do people thing of the vista tags? is that going to become the standard? (I hope- 1 it’s simple, 2 vista can search, 3 it embeds the tags in the picture files somehow instead of another database so when you move or share or whateve the tags remain.)

Alex Kuretz September 24, 2008 at 10:25 pm

Thanks for the comments! I’ve started up a thread in the forums to hopefully get some more attention and discussion around this topic. I know there’s a ton of photographers that use the MSS for storage of their pics, so I bet we’ll uncover some good tips. :)

The link to the forum post is here.

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