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by Alex Kuretz on September 19, 2008


I recently made the switch from cable TV to satellite TV with DishNetwork, the TurboHD packages they have right now are pretty amazing compared to the Comcast offering, my monthly bill was cut in half for almost the same programming with a vastly superior DVR.

But of course the switch away from Comcast couldn’t go smoothly, especially since I also have internet service through them. Here’s the breakdown:

  • After cancelling TV service I thought everything went smoothly, until my internet suddenly stopped working
  • Upon calling Comcast, they said I had made a voluntary disconnect of all services. Further investigation confirmed that they had marked my TV for disconnect but not the internet, and it was a screwup on their side
  • Went home on my lunch break to get the internet situation sorted with a phone call to a tech to reprovision the modem, and eventually everything seems good
  • A week or so later, I check my bill and notice a $49 charge. After a call, this turns out to be a charge to setup my internet! After explaining to the agent my situation, she quickly credits my account.
  • I tell her that ever since the internet disconnection, my service has been really slow, measuring 4MB down/384k up, and ask her if something has been done to my account. She says “during one of our screwups, you were moved down from the 6mbit account to the 4mbit account”. She very quickly fixes it for me, and a reboot of the cable modem shows me a speed test of 18mbit down/1.6mbit up, woohoo!

So, a mixed bag here. There were several screwups on the part of Comcast, but they did get things fixed relatively quickly for me, and the last agent “Beth” was super friendly, helpful, and apologetic. I’m sure others have similar complaints or praise to heap on your internet provider, care to leave a comment or post in the forums?

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