September 2008

One of the things I’d like to do with this blog is provide some insight and ideas on developing Add-Ins for Windows Home Server. I’ve developed and released three Add-Ins now, and even though I don’t consider myself a great developer I do think they’ve turned out pretty well and have largely gotten a lot […]

WeGotServed has the scoop on an announcement from HP stating that it will no longer void your warranty to perform the RAM upgrade that is so popular for the MediaSmart Server. From the announcement: Based on customer feedback, HP will now offer a path for consumers to upgrade the memory on the HP MediaSmart Server […]

New WHS update for KB950193

by Alex Kuretz on September 24, 2008

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Yesterday a new update was published to Windows Update to address KB950193. This is a fix to address a possible loss of data in the case of a drive failure in your home server, and any user that is running PP1 should install this update. Many of you probably have your server set to check […]

How I wall-mounted an LCD

by Alex Kuretz on September 22, 2008 · 5 comments

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Update: I’ve been advised that the way I routed the power cable through the wall does not meet code, so I’ll recommend that you correctly install a wall outlet behind the TV and use proper in-wall rated cable rather than run the power cord through the wall as I show below. I wanted to document […]

Like many people, I maintain an online photo site that contains pictures of my family, special events, and our various day-to-day activities that I share with both local and remote relatives. Of the >13K digital photos backed up by my MediaSmart Server, I’ve published 1200 (and am behind by about 6 months ). I use […]

I recently made the switch from cable TV to satellite TV with DishNetwork, the TurboHD packages they have right now are pretty amazing compared to the Comcast offering, my monthly bill was cut in half for almost the same programming with a vastly superior DVR. But of course the switch away from Comcast couldn’t go […]

Todd on the WHS Team Blog is asking for input on possibly offering two versions of WHS in a future release, one for a “basic” household and one for an “advanced” household that would allow more computers and users to access the system. I’ve heard of at least one user on the forums with […]

A user by the name of “Diehard” has posted images of his MediaSmart Server modification, where he inserts the guts of a PopCorn Hour media streamer into his server. This makes me think of the classic holiday treat, the turducken. Check the forum post for more pictures here. Way to go, Diehard!

You’ve probably noticed by now that things have changed a little here at Rest assured, the changes are cosmetic and feature oriented, and the forums which are the heart of remain the same (though with a new color scheme and forum software upgrade). There may be issues with some passwords after the migration […]

Engadget has some insight into the next version of WHS based off of the job postings coming out of MS, pretty interesting! Read about it here.